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A short guide to selecting the right music for your first dance

If you are about to get married, you know how much planning goes into a wedding. Every part of it requires a great deal of thought, because you want to make sure that your wedding, as well as your reception, expresses who you are as a couple.

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Shrek and Fiona Wedding Day

This couple, 42 year old Paul Ballas and 30 year old Heidi Koksshal, celebrated their day by having some fun and dressing up as Shrek and Fiona from the popular movie. Their guests even came in costume too.

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34 Of The Best Award-Winning Wedding Photos Taken In 2014


Winning a photography contest is more about how you take the pictures themselves rather than what you take pictures of. Photography contests are great because they tend to attract the best of the best to submit their photos. The International Society Of Professional Wedding Photographers, for example, holds a quarterly competition among their members that […]

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Beautiful Designed Lace Wedding Dresses


One of the most talented names in evening wear and wedding gowns, Zuhair Murad, has released a look at his fall 2015 collection of elegant bridal looks. The wedding gowns are accessorized with ethereal headpieces and sheer veils for a traditional touch to the modern styles. Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad knows how to make a […]

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Special bond between a girl and her dog

Puppy and Bride

Seeing the loving bond that has formed between a person and his dog is truly amazing. What is even more amazing however, is you yourself sharing that bond with your own dog. The kind of love and trust that can develop between man and his best friend can improve the quality of your life and […]

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Top 16 Most Beautiful Wedding Castles in Ireland

Eterior Building SIngle Shot 0003a

Castle weddings are a fairytale dream. The surroundings are grand and beautiful and provide the setting for a day that will never be forgotten. This can add a glamorous and opulent touch to this essential event. A castle looks romantic in photographs and the grounds are usually extensive and very pretty. The interiors are ornate […]

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Now, You Can Kiss The Bride

dog on wedding

If you are an engaged couple and totally adore your dog, chances are you would love to include your canine kid in your wedding ceremony. Most of all, include your dog in a way that is fun, happy and respectful and also allows your pooch to be comfortable and happy during your big day.

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How to Get Rid of Pre Wedding Jitters

Pre Wedding Jitters

Today is your big day. Your wedding gown so perfect, French lace an absolute requirement, made by Vera Wang of course. Your hair in a perfect chignon bun and everything is falling in its right place. But why are you feeling queasy? Do you suddenly have a throbbing migraine? Or do you feel like you […]

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Strawberry Themed Wedding


When it comes to wedding themes and decoration, the sky is the limit! Wedding themes are used by a lot of couples to turn their big day into an event that is both meaningful to them and enjoyable for their guests. Wedding themes can turn an average wedding into a spectacular event. From simple to […]

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Do you want a dog on your wedding


Nowadays, many couples want to include their dogs in the ceremony of their wedding. If you want your dog to participate in your wedding and present the wedding ring, he/she has to be well trained. The ring can be tied to your dog’s neck on a ribbon. You can also tie your rings in a […]

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