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Halloween Wedding Cakes and Decorations

Halloween wedding during the past and recent times has become favorite between other kinds of marriage ceremony. Partners who’s very adventurous and who wishes to throw unconventionally, a scary and a monster-themed wedding party is produced for them to try although strange but “cool” idea. This can be a different and enjoyable idea for married couples who wish to provide a unique kind of experience to their friends.

A Halloween wedding party is definitely created unique with regard to being unique. For example the setting of the wedding takes place in a haunted mansion, a haunted house, a haunted castle, cemetery, or another place which is creepy enough or whatever the couple’s choice there is. As included in the setting it may take more often at night for the visitors to actually feel the “real” Halloween atmosphere.

Specific wedding place or reception is embellished with Halloween characters we in fact see throughout Halloween such as bloody puppets, monsters, vampires, skeletons, the endless Dracula, gremlins, glowing candles, werewolves, grinning pumpkins, white lady imitations, sounds, a moonlit night and masks simply to name some of the different amounts of decorations.

Halloween weddings gifts can also be motivated with Halloween characters. A skeleton couple figurine, melting red candle souvenir, pumpkin miniatures, tombstone figurines or witch on witch brooms, coffin-with-Dracula-inside miniatures are guaranteed and more than just specific Halloween wedding souvenirs. Candies, pastries, breads and even the wedding cake may take in the forms of molded Halloween characters.


  1. Nomadic Samuel says:

    Those are some very creative looking cakes! I like the pumpkin and spider ones the most :)

    • LOOOOOOOVE It, Saleina! Sean/Suzi I don’t know you but I gotta say that based on your engagement pics, I’VE even been etxecid to see your wedding shots. You guys are obviously fun and adventurous, making the photographers job SO enjoyable!I can’t wait to see more

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